Sologistics Services Help Make Solar in New York Profitable

Even the best commercial solar developers, engineers and residential solar installers face challenges at some point, whether it’s project feasibility, solar design, or permitting paperwork. As the leading experts on solar in New York, Sologistics has the resources, knowledge, network, and industry experience to solve your challenges and smooth your customer’s path to solar energy.


Feasibility Assessment

We determine if an initial solar design purchase is possible at a customer site and identify challenges to resolve. For example, feasibility assessments may uncover the need to resolve issues with design zoning compliance, outstanding violations that may affect permitting, or the need to address issues like asbestos removal. Our electricians examine the electrical infrastructure of your project to determine interconnection costs and options.  In addition, we can calculate the ROI for your customer and consult on available solar incentives and their applications.


Solar Design Engineering Review and Approval

Our experienced and licensed engineers review solar design plans to ensure structural soundness, as well as state and local code requirement compliance. Our thorough solar design quality assurance reviews allow commercial solar developers and residential solar installers to confidently arrange local government inspections and apply for permits.


Solar Design and Solar Design Revision

If feasibility assessment and solar design engineering reviews uncover the need for a design revision, we can create or revise solar designs that get your project permitted.  Our solar designers and engineers turn assessment data into an expertly designed, structurally and electrically sound, full plan package. All of our engineers are NABCEP-certified with extensive experience in permitting and designing PV systems that maximize project value while meeting all codes and regulations.


Permit Expediting

Our customized permitting packages drastically cut turn-around time. Our experts help get, and advise on, all necessary permits. This includes even the most unusual project or site-specific requirements, such as asbestos, historical landmarks designations, or elevation surveys. Additionally, we complete permit applications to comply with all local government and power utility requirements.

Finally, for commercial solar developers and residential solar installers offering solar in New York, we’re an accredited Special Inspection Agency (SIA) with the New York City Department of Buildings. This special status allows us to conduct Special Inspections during construction. We verify that all work meets approved plans, specifications, and quality standards – keeping commercial solar developers and residential solar installers and their projects on time and on-budget. 


Solar Inspection Management

Our solar inspection services include scheduling site inspections from utility and government authorities after installation. Once the utility company and the local municipality inspects and approves solar installations, the system is cleared to become operational and start generating solar energy.

For solar in New York, customers require several, detailed inspections involving ConEd, NYSERDA and others. Inspections cover more than 100 items - and failure has big consequences such as costly reworks, fees, fines and more. Projects delays, blacklisting, and happy customers are at risk. 

As part of an exclusive group accredited as a Special Inspection Agency (SIA), Sologistics uniquely provides clients thorough, preliminary quality assurance inspections. We go on-site to check project wiring and installation, and we inspect everything building and third-party inspectors review to identify any issues - so you can fix them and keep your solar projects on course to speedy completion.


Utility Interconnection Management

As a liaison to the utility, our team helps get your projects through Coordinated Electric System Interconnect Review (CESIR), approval to connect to the grid, and permission to operate (PTO) the system.

Our established, solid reputation and strong relationships with local utilities ensures a seamless transition onto the grid. Our detailed focus speeds utility interconnection, so customers generate power - and save money - faster.

Sologistics: Your Flexible Partner

Need the entire paperwork process managed?  We can do it.  Need help with just a part of it?  We can do that too. Call us. We’re a flexible and trusted partner to commercial solar developers and residential solar installers offering solar in New York and beyond.