Greenlight: Our Technology Edge

In addition to our expertise and track record, our process is what keeps every project on or ahead of schedule. Sologistics manages all solar projects on Greenlight, our purpose-built technology platform. Clients can access a portal from anywhere to monitor the status of each solar project and approve or reject next steps. Notifications are automatically sent when the status of an activity changes and applications, approvals, and all documentation is stored centrally and easily accessed.


The challenge for solar developers in New York

The New York City solar market holds much opportunity for solar developers, but the path to bringing a solar project online is complicated. Once a project is sold, a maze of permitting and utility interconnect processes are critical to getting the customer’s system installed and the power turned on. Codes and regulations vary by municipality, and constantly change, making it hard to develop plans to code and get them approved without costly delays.

The solution: an expert in solar design, permitting, and utility interconnect

With decades of experience bringing solar projects from start to finish in New York, Sologistics specializes in solar design, permitting, and interconnect services. We work with commercial developers and residential installers to create or revise viable plans for any site, get the permits and approvals quickly, and get customer installations live as soon as possible. We focus exclusively on solar in the tri-state region and know building codes, fire codes, and utility requirements in detail, so our customers don’t have to.