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From the beginning, Sologistics has focused on improving the solar installation experience for clients in NY markets. We knew that offering a concept-to-completion virtual operations department could save clients time, money and sanity. As a potential partner to all, a competitor to none, our business model harnesses the vast experience of a team trained and experienced in the NY solar market while allowing companies, small and large, to access the team’s intellectual capital – without the considerable overheads of building such a team themselves.

It is in this vein of continual innovation that Sologistics is now releasing its proprietary client portal, called Greenlight, to a wider audience. The portal capitalizes on the robust capabilities of the Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) platform to manage the inherent complexities of solar project management. Greenlight allows end to end, 24-hour transparency throughout the project, closer communication among team members and clients, and ultimately shortens the time it takes to complete a solar project in an increasingly complex and competitive market.

Among the benefits beta testers have already noted:

  • 24/7 access to view a project’s status and approve/reject next steps

  • Intuitive interface for the even the least tech-savvy user

  • Easy access to input vital project documents and download deliverables

  • Clear details on tasks that need to be completed to expedite the project completion

  • Mobile access via Salesforce’s app – clients’ projects are in the palm of their hands

These are just some of the many portal features that lend to Sologistics’ efficiency and which yield cost savings to our clients. In fact, an increasing number of companies recognize portal management as the evolution to better management of their customers and their time. No need to rely on your own memory or time management: stakeholders are automatically prompted when a next step is required, keeping the project on schedule.

As with any construction-related industry, many of our clients spend considerable time away from their desks. The Salesforce app allows Greenlight users to stay in touch with their project from their phones, wherever they are (in the field, on a rooftop, in the Caribbean…) – whenever they need to check in. There is also a chat feature, helpfully named Chatter, that allows communication-related to the project to be captured and accessed within the online project pages.

“One of our core guiding principles at Sologistics is simply to ‘do what we say we’re going to do'” says Sologistics’ CEO, Fayeann Lawrence.  “It’s a simple enough statement but actually much less common in today’s work environment than one would hope. We conceptualized, built and implemented our client-partner portal to help us achieve that goal and stay accountable to it.”

We’re excited to launch this valuable tool, and expect to learn even more about how we can improve on the solar project management process from desktop to rooftop… where can we possibly innovate next?

Brendan Heyck