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You develop and install, we get permitting and solar designs done fast and right the first time.

Our solar site design expertise. Your advantage.

New York is an exciting and enticing solar services market. However, the maze of permitting requirements in New York City, the State of New York, and the neighboring states is complex -- bringing both permitting and solar design challenges for even the best commercial solar developers and residential solar installers.  

Sologistics is here to help. We are experts in Solar Installation, Solar feasibility studies and Solar site design.

In the New York area – to include New York City, all five boroughs, as well as neighboring states - our up-to-date and unmatched regulatory and process expertise is hard-earned through years serving commercial solar developers and residential solar installers just like you. 

Sologistics is experienced shepherding complex solar projects through complicated, and constantly changing, incentives, permitting and utility interconnect processes. We know building codes, fire codes, and utility requirements in detail, so you don’t have to.  For commercial solar developers and residential solar installers, that means even the most challenging projects go off without a hitch. No delays, no hassles, just happy customers.



Our technology. Your back office.

Sologistics manages all solar projects using its revolutionary Greenlight web-based platform purpose-built to meet the unique needs of commercial solar developers and residential solar installers.  Greenlight makes it easy to monitor project status from anywhere and always keeps you up-to-date with automatic notifications. In addition, spplications, approvals, and all project documentation are stored in one place and easily accessed whenever you need them.




Our track record. Your guarantee.

Many of our team members are industry veterans - they’ve been at this from the very beginning. Over the years, we’ve worked on hundreds of commercial solar and residential solar projects across many different municipalities. It all adds up to both invaluable local expertise as well as trusted relationships with key building and utility permitting authorities in New York City, New York state, and neighboring states.

For clients that work with us and trust our guidance, solar permitting and utility interconnection are approved the first time. Why? Because not only are applications and designs properly submitted the first time, they are submitted to authorities who know our work well.




Our promise. Your satisfaction.

Sologistics offers the highest quality solar permitting and solar design services to help commercial solar developers and residential solar installers meet New York and surrounding states’ complex building, fire, utility, and incentive requirements. 

This promise is backed by deep expertise across more than 1600 municipalities.  And none of the many details required ever fall through the cracks. Why? Our proprietary, purpose-built Greenlight technology platform helps manage the back-office details, so you don’t have to.

Sologistics promises fast, easy, professional solar incentives, permitting and solar design services that keep projects on schedule and your customers happy.